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Here’s where you’ll find access to our training offer and ebook, take a look at what’s going on in the industry, and delve into our ever-evolving thoughts and insights.

Switch Training

In-depth training to deepen your knowledge of ISO 15118

Part of our mission to accelerate the switch to electric vehicles is to train and educate. We hope that this selection of training will inspire you to continually deepen your understanding of the ever-evolving industry standards. Because by working together, we’ll get there quicker.

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ISO 15118 Manual

A guide to reduce the complexity for you

An e-book for beginners and experts alike. Reduces the steep learning curve of ISO 15118 by providing a comprehensive and easy-to-understand access to the Vehicle-to-Grid communication protocol. Written by our founder, Marc Mültin, one of the few co-authors of ISO 15118, this e-book has fast become standard literature in the industry.

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    Thought Leadership

    Delve into our ever-evolving expertise and insights

    A short list of how the benefits:

    • Written with beginners in mind: We help you get started with the standard and give you insights into why and how the standard was written so you can implement the right intrpretation
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