EV charger manufacturers

Charger OEMs and CPOs are gearing up for a new level of charging technology and more sophisticated end user experience. Operating system upgrade required!

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intelligent planning

The future-proof solution

Advanced features such as Plug & Charge, V2G and banking-grade cybersecurity are arriving quickly into the market. Incumbent protocols simply can't support them. So Switch has created Josev Professional, an embedded OS based on ISO 15118 and OCPP 2.0.1. It is available under licence to charger manufacturers and charge point operators.

business case

Consider the 'build or
buy' decision solved

Building an OS as powerful as ours from scratch is a big investment decision. Switch has a large experienced team, and has taken time to do everything properly. The future of EV charging is now more than ever about complex software engineering. Our solution is available to you for a fraction of our total investment, under a single, perpetual license.

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ota updates

No more need for time
consuming testing

We test all over the world, several times a year, with leading experts from vehicle and charger OEM's. All of our accumulated knowledge and learnings are exported to you via over-the-air (OTA) updates. Your ISO and OCPP stack will always be kept up to guarantee maximum interoperability with existing and new market entrants.

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what’s included

Protocols that support
the future of charging

Josev Professional, our embedded OS, can be supplied on a board or as a software stack. It includes ISO 15118-2 for Plug and Charge, ISO 15118-3 for SLAC, and ISO 15118-20 supporting V2G. It connects to our cloud-based Switch platform, running the same protocols. Josev Professional easily integrates with other charger components using an MQTT message broker.

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Fast support from Switch experts

We don't just drop the software off and leave you to it. Our dedicated Switch experts support your implementation until it is up and running. This is part of our license commitment. Furthermore, integrated diagnostics and remote services allow us to detect and dissect any issue that may arise during operation. So you are never on your own.

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Josev Trial

Try before you buy

Josev simplifies integrating and upgrading to OCPP 2.0.1 and ISO 15118. Try our new demo version with free 10-min charging sessions.

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Ready to start future-proofing your business?

Let’s electrify your EV charging that is seamless, secure and future-proof. We’re here for you – today and every day.

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