Residential EV charging

Apartment residents want the convenience of charging 'at home' in their allocated but landlord owned parking space. Switch has the full solution to address the rapidly growing demand from EV drivers.

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be future-proof

Buildings are the new filling stations

Up to 40 per cent of residential parking spaces will be charging EVs by 2030. Managed correctly on the right platform, charging delivers a strong revenue stream and adds capital value to the building.

Managed for you

Power and control

Our management platform automatically shares power between vehicles charging at the same time, and balances the aggregated load against the main building supply. This ensures the most efficient use of power and reduces the need for supply upgrades. Furthermore we enable Plug and Charge and support V2G, to provide building owners with additional income from grid balancing.

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revenue management

Shows you the money

Everything from onboarding and user account set up to transaction history and billing is managed through the Switch platform. It has a simple, flexible tariff build that allows you to design your own charging policies, including one-off, fixed and variable payments, time of use tariffs, subscriptions and PAYG. The platform connects via APIs to multiple payment gateways, or can be used to support in house monthly billing systems.

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installation and support

chargers, fast

Through our hardware and site engineering partners, our installation and operational cost profile is extremely low. We have developed an innovative pre-cabling approach that allows all spaces to be EV ready, just-in-time charger commissioning and system design that overcomes the need for power upgrades.

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Building your value

Monetising infrastructure

It's not realistic for residents to install EV charging unilaterally; multiple one-off cabling routes are complicated, lack energy management and raise safety issues. Economics and legal issues are also in play. However, there is a reality to the adoption of EVs that demands that action is taken. Switch is working with building owners to turn this challenge into a win-win for all.

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Switch Platform

Dare for More. Build on next
generation EV charging technology

Our embedded OS and cloud-based network management are fully native to ISO 15118 and OCPP 2.0.1 protocols. But why? Book a demo to learn more.

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Ready to start future-proofing your business?

Let’s electrify your EV charging that is seamless, secure and future-proof. We’re here for you – today and every day.

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