Station Analytics and Remote Administration is the only charging station management system that is built with ease-of-use and future-proof standards at its heart.

A smoother, more intelligent way to manage chargers

We built Sara to make managing and monitoring charging points easier and more effective. Sara gathers valuable, intelligent, and accurate data, which gives you the most up-to-date information on your network and allows you to run it smoothly. Its user-centric design allows you to easily harness the full monitoring and management capabilities of OCPP 2.x and ISO 15118.


Sara is built with the user’s experience at its heart, which means that all its features were defined by extensive user research

Whether you operate hundreds or thousands of charging stations, with Sara's powerful control centre you always keep a perfect overview and can assign roles and access rights for each activity and person.  

Sara’s features are split into three different types of activities:

Network management & maintenance

Billing and customer service

Transaction support

Quickly identify problematic transactions before the EV driver notices with Sara's transactions alerts. You can also see all ongoing transactions and filter them by category with Sara's powerful search function.

Easy billing

Sara also takes care of creating the bill for EV drivers’ mobility service providers, based on the transaction details and the tariffs that apply to each transaction.

Flexible tariff settings

Sara allows you to set different tariffs on your stations, and create your own tariff rules. Our simple interface allows for multiple combinations of kWh pricing, session fees, and time-of-use pricing. It also alerts you if there are any conflicting tariffs.

24/7 customer service support

With a software that’s so user centric, we wanted to provide nothing short of superior, around-the-clock customer support. This is why we chose to collaborate with EVA, a specialised, dedicated team of service providers who are on hand to help and easily fix any issues, anytime of the day.

Seamless connections to 3rd parties

Sara is designed with an Application Programming Interface (API) first approach. This means we provide an API that allows you to build innovative features that plug into Sara, and even integrate it with other tools that boost your productivity, such as CRM and accounting software.

Analytics and reporting activity

Strategic insights to keep you on top of operations

Sara can create reports on just about anything – what are the most common faults in my network? Which components of a charging station need to be replaced? Which chargers bring in the most revenue? These will help you make strategic operational decisions, such as where and when to get new chargers.

Predefined and customisable dashboards

There’s no one size fits all. Sara’s
AI-powered dashboard allows you to customise the analytics overview to whatever you like – giving you valuable business insights, right at your fingertips.


Why choose Sara?

Time saving simplicity

Sara’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes it easier and quicker to complete day to day operational tasks. Basic tasks, such as onboarding new stations are mostly automated, which gives you more time to focus on other areas.

Cost-cutting intelligence

Sending out maintenance workers to fix a problem at a charger is the most expensive part of operations. With automation, predictive maintenance, and diagnostics, Sara significantly lowers operational costs. It also reduces site owner costs thanks to smart charging and vehicle-to-grid features.

Real-time data

Sara highlights network issues and malfunctions for rapid and proactive trouble-shooting. With accurate, real-time data on chargers such as occupancy, charge power, and opening hours available through roaming, you can better serve your EV drivers.

User-friendly Plug & Charge and an open ecosystem

Sara enables hassle-free charging via Plug & Charge and takes care of all the necessary digital certificates that need to be in place. Sara also makes it easy for charge point operators to integrate with other systems such as CRM and invoicing software through open APIs.

Seamless connections

Sara connects with any charger running OCPP 2.0.1 and later, facilitating a future-proof and seamless operation. Stations that operate Sara’s counterpart, Josev, enable the smoothest possible operation and can take it one step further by accessing fine-grained analytics and a detailed view on what’s going on in the ISO 15118 communication, between the EV and the charger.

Strategic Insights

Sara’s AI-powered reporting functionality gives you better insights, such as predictive maintenance and chargers with highest revenue. This allows you to easily manage and analyse any number of charging stations – and strategically develop your operations.

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Sara stands for Station Analytics and Remote Administration

Open charge alliance

The Open Charge Alliance is the official body that specifies OCPP 2.0.1 and defines a set of certification profiles. Each profile tests a certain set of functionalities. Depending on the functionality of your charger or CSMS, you might want to certify for either a subset or all of these profiles.


Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)


Scotti stands for Simple Compliance Testing Tool for Interoperability.

Efficient XML Interchange (EXI)

Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) is a very compact representation of XML. All ISO 15118 messages are defined in XML. EXI improves serialisation and parsing speed on embedded devices (like an EV and a charging station controller) and allows more efficient use of memory and battery life, compared to standard (textual) XML.

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT)

The Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between devices.

Charging Station Management System (CSMS)

A Charging Station Management System (CSMS) helps you monitor, maintain, and control your charger network.

Automated Connection Device (ACD)

Automated Connection Device (ACD), a conductive charging concept that doesn't require a person to plug in the charging cable. A first implementation is ACD-P, where 'P' stands for 'pantograph' charging of buses.

Power line communication (PLC)

Power line communication, a communication technology that enables sending data over existing power cables.

Signal Level Attenuation Characterisation (SLAC)

Signal Level Attenuation Characterisation (SLAC) is based on power line communication (specifically HomePlug Green PHY) and is a protocol to establish the data link between the EV and the charging station via the charging cable.

Charge Point Operator (CPO)

Charge Point Operator, the entity monitoring and managing an EV charger network.