Videos from 8th International CCS & ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposium

Marc Mültin
Marc Mültin
May 25, 2018
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Videos from 8th International CCS & ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposium

A unique opportunity to meet the growing number of international e-mobility experts with the aim to increase interoperability charging solutions.

Did you make it to Shanghai this April 19th and 20th? Hundreds of top EV engineers and programmers descended on the 8th International CCS & ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposium. These important industry events aim to increase the interoperability of charging solutions and conformity to the ISO 15118 standard across the globe. The Communication Network Institute of the Technical University Dortmund joins ISO and IEC to hold these symposia twice a year, rotating between Asia, Europe, and North America.

Click here for some more information on the registered companies and participants, the percentage of company registrations by country, and organisational hints.

In our fast-growing industry, it couldn’t be more important to converge and converse with professionals from around the world. These symposia give us the unique opportunity not only to get to know the fast-growing community of international e-mobility experts, but also to test our products for interoperability. In person, we discuss the current state of the industry and innovate with each other toward our common goal: global mass adoption of e-mobility through compatible, user-friendly, and secure charging solutions.

Whether you made it or not, I have a hunch you’ll appreciate surveying the scene as we experts rolled up our sleeves and tested communication controllers.

8th International CCS & ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposium

Testing our EV and charging station software in-person puts us on the fast track to creating interoperable inventions that move this industry forward. In this next video, check out a sneak peek inside the case I bring it to every testing event - and I've been to seven out of eight of them. 

V2G Clarity's test setup at the 8th International CCS & ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposium in Shanghai

Do you want to test your device with mine, along with dozens of others at the next conference? Then be sure to save the date for the upcoming 10th International CCS & ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposium. It will take place in Arnhem, Netherlands on November 15th and 16th. This testing event will be for actual EVs and charging stations, along with EV and charging station communication controllers. Click here for the save-the-date announcement and visit for up-to-date news and information. I'll plan to see you there! 

The 9th Symposium will take place on the 11th and 12th of September in Detroit, Michigan. It’s co-located with the 1st CharIN North American CCS and ISO/IEC 15118 Interop Event, which will take place on the 10th of September. There will be a focus on EV and EVSE testing only at this event, meaning there will be no controller tests. While I won’t be able to make it to Detroit, I’ll definitely be at the Anniversary Edition Symposium and I hope to see you there!

Jumpstart your testing symposia prep with these resources

RISE V2G Basics: Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charging – With Plug & Charge Powered by RISE V2G
This free course walks you through launch and configuration of the only open-source software in conformance with ISO 15118: RISE V2G. RISE V2G has been extensively tested at each symposium (including against Verisco’s test system), making it highly trusted and used by companies and research institutions worldwide.

RISE V2G Advanced Course I: Master the Communication for Charging Electric Vehicles
If you aim to become an ISO 15118 and RISE V2G expert before November, don’t miss this 22-video, intensive course. Step by step, we’ll go through how to program the sophisticated, machine-to-machine communication necessary for successful charging sessions. This is the most in-depth course on the market and will take your knowledge to the next level.

Marc Mültin
Marc, the Founder and CEO of Switch, has over 13 years of experience in the e-mobility space and holds a PhD in Computer Science. He is the leading global expert and co-author of international EV communication standards (ISO 15118 & OCPP 2.0.1) that underpin the Switch platform.
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