Is your ISO 15118 solution ready? RISE V2G 1.0 has finally arrived

Marc Mültin
Marc Mültin
July 21, 2017
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Is your ISO 15118 solution ready? RISE V2G 1.0 has finally arrived

RISE V2G 1.0 has finally arrived! It is the only complete open source reference implementation of the smart charging communication standard ISO 15118.

All good things are worth waiting for

I have been tirelessly working the past couple of weeks to get this version out to the public. A few weeks ago in June, the 6th International ISO 15118 Testing Symposium took place in Versailles. I will provide you with fascinating information on this event within the next 1 to 2 weeks as I have gathered a lot of video footage and statistical data I want to share with you. You're going to love this because this will give you a great insight into the current market situation of ISO 15118 adopters.

During the Testing Symposium in Versailles, I was also testing RISE V2G against a few software solutions which also featured certificate installation and update as well as signature creation and verification - the by far most tricky part to implement in ISO 15118.
However, for some reason, our implementations were not compatible, and I didn't know why exactly.

But luckily, I found out that there was a faulty implementation in RISE V2G regarding the creation and verification of signatures - and I fixed it!

Successful tests agains automotive OEMs and suppliers

I decided not to wait until the next Testing Symposium takes place (probably in November this year in/nearby Toronto) but instead visit automotive OEMs and suppliers and test my new version of RISE V2G against their solutions.

And it turned out: The code works just fine, and I was able to successfully perform the certificate installation and update with Vector (a major supplier of the ISO 15118 stack for the automotive OEMs) and Toyota Motorsport.

After adding some more tweaks here and there and some advanced logging and documentation especially for the signature creation and verification process, I decided it was time to finally release version 1.0 of RISE V2G. A moment I have been waiting for quite a long time ...

Change of open-source license for maximum usability

One more thing:
I decided to move away from the (weak) copy left Eclipse Public License and instead use the MIT license. This imposes far fewer restrictions on the private and commercial use of RISE V2G. In fact, you can now do anything you want with this code, as long as you keep the license details within the code.

I sincerely hope that this helps to further spread the adoption of RISE V2G and ISO 15118 in general. Just can't wait to hear which companies and organisations I can help with my reference implementation of ISO 15118.

Is your ISO 15118 solution ready?

Hop over to the GitHub repository and download your copy of version 1.0 of RISE V2G. Let me know how it goes and if you have any challenges getting started.

By the way: I am working on a comprehensive documentation on how to use RISE V2G. And I know that some of you have been waiting for this far too long, but stay with me, you will be served soon.

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Marc Mültin
Marc, the Founder and CEO of Switch, has over 13 years of experience in the e-mobility space and holds a PhD in Computer Science. He is the leading global expert and co-author of international EV communication standards (ISO 15118 & OCPP 2.0.1) that underpin the Switch platform.
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