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Can I use my own charge controllers?

We can provide you with the executable/binaries that allows you to test on your architecture, just let us know which you'd like during onboarding

What are the stages of the Josev trial?
  1. If you have stated an interest in Josev, a Switch expert will contact you to ensure you get the right product for your needs with a single point of contact.
  2. Get instant access to download Josev after set-up. Otherwise pre-configured charge controllers arrive in 3-5 days, based on location and will be charged at circa. ~£400 (purchased directly from Chargebyte).
  3. Switch provides expert support and comprehensive API documentation for seamless integration, through our dedicated Josev team.
  4. Start testing! The product is time limited to 10 minutes per charging session, giving you enough time to test it on your chargers.
  5. If the trial is successful and you want to keep using Josev, we'll send you a licence agreement for unlimited access and support. Regardless of whether you choose to buy Josev or not, we always appreciate your feedback to help us improve our offering.

What are the limitations of the Josev trial?

The Josev Demo contains all that our regular and production offer has, except that is limited in 2 aspects:

  1. Any charging session will terminate past 10 min (time of usage lock)
  2. Josev will automatically and connect only to our Switch platform (platform provider lock)
What is the Josev trial?

We can provide you at the cost of 1 Chargebyte board (~£400) the full stack of Josev, for 1 month trial, which includes:

  • ISO 15118-2: AC, DC and PnC
  • ISO 15118-20: AC, DC, Bidirectional as well and PnC
  • DIN 70121
  • OCPP 2.0.1
  • Privilege and free access to our backend - Switch Platform (during the duration of the trial)

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