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What are the minimum requirements to run Josev?

Josev runs in Linux-based OS systems and needs a minimum of 250 MB of RAM (peak value) and ~45 MB of disk space.

We are continuously working to minimise this footprint and optimise the stack.

Can Josev run on any embedded device?

Josev can run on any embedded device that runs Linux and contains a PLC (PowerLine Communication) module.

How is Josev distributed?

We generate an executable with all the needed dependencies and compiled to the target you desire: armv7, armv8, x86_64, x86.

The executables are provided via a secure download.

What programming language is used in Josev?

Currently, Josev is built over Python and Rust as follows:

  1. ISO 15118 (Python, moving to Rust)
  2. slac (rust)
  3. OCPP 2.0.1 (Python, moving to Rust)

Work is underway to convert the entire stack to Rust.

What is the Josev API?

The Josev API defines the different messages that Josev sends or receives via the broker. MQTT is the medium to send messages and the Josev API is the actual messages that we send. You can see the MQTT as the mailman and the Josev API as the letter that is being sent/received. To facilitate the integration of the API, we can provide bindings to C/C++ of our Python based Josev API and all API documentation is provided with Josev when purchased.

What is the MQTT Message Broker?

The MQTT message broker is a module that handles the communication between our internal services, it acts like a mail dispatcher, receiving messages coming from person A and delivering it to person B.

Josev uses it for information that needs to be exchanged between the ISO15118 and OCPP modules (e.g. Plug and Charge token for authorization). Josev also uses the broker to interact with the customer hardware, for example to get electricity readings from the meter.

What is the ExiCodec?

The EXI Codec is an encoder/decoder that is required to exchange ISO 15118 messages between the EV and the station.

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