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Does Josev support multi-EVSE stations?

Yes, Josev supports multiple EVSEs on one operating system.

Does Josev work for both AC and DC chargers?

Josev works fully on any AC charging station. An update with DC support is in the final stages of testing and will be released in early 2024

How do software updates work?

We understand that most manufacturers prefer to control the updates for firmware, so we push and update versions of Josev internally. We then notify the customer of the update and leave it up to the customer as to the best time to update the hardware. This ensures, ultimately you are in control.

How are bugs handled?

As a customer of Josev, you will have privileged access to our GitHub private page where you can create tickets for questions or bugs found that we triage and address accordingly. We can also provide recipes for Yocto that take care of downloading and adding Josev to your custom OS.

Is there any documentation that can guide me through Josev?

A full public documentation site can be found at Additional documentation is provided for specific customers;

  • Josev trial customers will receive an integration guide along with their Josev demo board
  • Josev pro customers will receive Josev API documentation upon purchase
  • For more info about the Chargebyte board that has Josev embedded, you can check it here
  • For the Chargebyte user guide, you can download it here

Do you offer some kind of hardware or turnkey solution with Josev?

Yes, we have partnered with a hardware provider called Chargebyte. They have a powerful portfolio of boards tailored for eMobility needs.

The board that we use is a variant called “Charge Controller C”, more info about that board can be found here

What is the licence provided by Josev?

Josev comes with an Apache 2.0-license , which means that for all purposes one can modify and distribute Josev commercially, as long as the modifications are included in the copyright, the trademark and authors are preserved and Switch gets notified of any change to the stack.

Is source code included with a Josev purchase?

Yes. Once you are a customer of Switch, you will have full access to the source code.

How much does Josev cost?

See pricing here.

Can you buy the individual components of Josev separately?

Yes, you can buy the OCPP, ISO15118 and EXI codec separately. See here for full details.

What is included in the Josev software stack?

Josev includes native support for OCPP 2.0.1. Both Core & Advanced Security are supported on the OCPP 2.0.1 modules (additional modules on request).

Josev also includes ISO15118-2, ISO15118-3 and ISO15118-20. Lastly Josev includes an ExiCodec and an MQTT message broker, messages are defined by the Josev API and documentation for this is provided with Josev.

What is Josev?

Josev stands for “Joint Operating System for Electric Vehicle Charging” and is an off the shelf, embedded operating system (OS) that when implemented on your hardware, elevates it with OCPP 2.0.1 and ISO 15118 functionality.

I have a question I can’t see here?

If you have any other questions that have not been covered by these FAQs, please feel free to contact the Switch team at

What happens once I’m onboarded to Switch?

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What is Josev?

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