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Switch Platform

Take the effort out of

station maintenance

monitoring charging stations

scaling infrastructure

The Switch platform is an intuitive interface to control, maintain and optimise charging sessions for better user experience and network uptime.

Some of our trusted clients and partners

Benefits of the Switch platform

Reduce your diagnostic costs and maximise ROI

Improve your experience and competitiveness

Integrate your workflow into Switch

Try the Switch Platform. Free for 30 days.

Not sure yet if the Switch Platform is right for you? Try before you buy. No strings attached and no payment details required.

Get to know our features

Easy Onboarding

From creating an account to onboarding a new station, we’ve ensured the whole process is seamless.

Account Management

Invite team members to your account, manage their role and permissions to best suit your workflow.


Group stations by location, for easy and quick management and in-depth reporting.


Get in depth reports on operational and commercial performance including station performance, energy output, financial earnings and network uptime.


Create flat or variable tariffs effortlessly with our quick and flexible tariff management.

Direct Payment

Fully monetise your network through QR and credit card payment capabilities across your entire network.
Coming Soon


Gain access to public roaming networks and maximise your recurring revenue in your network.

Plug & Charge

Make your network competitive with the latest Plug & Charge technology allowing your customer a frictionless charge experience.

Advanced Diagnostics

Reduce your maintenance costs with our advanced diagnostics giving you deeper control and insight into your charging network.


Manage and update your chargers' firmware, making sure you’re always up to date.


Grow your network with peace of mind and latest cybersecurity in place to keep your network safe.

Smart Charging

Balance the load of your charging network locally and reduce the need for costly site upgrades.
Coming Soon


Maximise your value generation and stabilise your grid with our V2X capabilities provided in partnership with Nuvve.
Coming Soon

Protocol Agnostic

Manage reliable and versatile OCPP 2.0.1-powered EV charging networks: Switch platform is certified across +40 use cases and backwards-compatible with OCPP 1.6.

Hardware Agnostic

You can easily connect your preferred charging stations to Switch, regardless of their manufacturer or protocol. Switch supports both OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1 connections.


Get help and advice from industry experts on the Switch Platform, when you need it.

App Store

The hub for integrations into the Switch Platform. The App Store includes roaming services, payment solutions, customer support, and more.

Open API

Seamlessly connect 3rd party services like fleet telematics or a custom front end with the Switch ecosystem. With an open API platform, it means you are in the driving seat.

"The integrated Switch system, combined with our vertical solution, has exceptional potential to fix and restructure the EV charging ecosystem. Marc and his team are trailblazing the field with their sophisticated software offering built on forward-looking protocols."

Daniel Alarcon-Rubio
Daniel Alarcon-Rubio
Chief Digital Officer

"We partnered with Switch because their charger management platform offers our customers much more future-proof technology, which means we win more business."

Adrian Cooper
Adrian Cooper
Chief Executive Officer

"Since its founding in 2010, Nuvve has successfully led the world in full commercial V2G applications. The Switch platform is uniquely native to our technology and enables Nuvve to extend our capabilities."

Hamza Lemsaddek
Hamza Lemsaddek
Director of Embedded Solutions

"Our partnership with Switch means Zaptec is among the first manufacturers of AC chargers worldwide to explore the full scope of ISO 15118 and potentially offer Plug and Charge based on this protocol."

Peter Bardenfleth-hansen
Peter Bardenfleth-hansen
Chief Executive Officer

"Plug & Charge is a significant step forward in unlocking more smart EV charging capabilities to enable mass adoption of electric mobility and support climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. Thanks to Switch we can bring Plug & Charge to the new generation of Alfen chargers."

Michelle Lesh
Michelle Lesh
Chief Commercial Officer

Frequently asked questions

What are the main benefits of Switch?

Switch Platform addresses the issues of cost, user experience and scalability. We know investing in EV infrastructure is costly and Switch have created great features to allow you to overcome this barrier. With Switch you can fully monetise your charging stations which allow you to consistently generate value back from your network. This coupled with advanced diagnostics that allow you to maximise the uptime of your chargers, the experience you can offer to your customers is greatly enhanced. You can grow with Switch regardless of your network size or location and with the best designers in house we’ve created a platform which is highly intuitive and user friendly

What is your pricing model?

We like to keep things simple and transparent. Switch will charge you per charger you have onboarded plus a fixed fee per transaction. If you want to monetise your charger we have a dedicated feature set to enable you to do. For this, we will charge you a % transaction fee and we will bill you monthly. That’s it with no hidden fees.

For more information on pricing click here

Do you have an approved list of charging stations?

Yes, Switch is hardware agnostic. We work with a number of charging station manufacturers who are Switch Approved to be used with our platform for the best usability.

If you are a charging station manufacturer looking to test with us please get in touch here.

I love it, how do I learn more?

Great, we would love to talk to you more. Click here to book a demo one of our team will be in touch to better understand your needs.

Do you have a minimum contract period?

We are confident you’ll love Switch, which is why we offer you a free trial so you can make sure this is the right solution for you. After this, our minimum contract period is 12 months. This will be the last switch you’ll make, guaranteed.

What happens when I’m onboarded to Switch?

You will be provided with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your single point of contact for your needs and questions. We will take care of your full onboarding experience, including access and training of the platform so you make best use of the features we offer.

Make the Switch today

Join the future of EV charging with the Switch platform by booking a short demo with one of our industry experts.