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Part of our mission to accelerate the switch to electric vehicles is to train and educate. We hope that this selection of training will inspire you to continually deepen your understanding of the ever-evolving industry standards. Because by working together, we’ll get there quicker.

ISO 15118 Courses

In-depth training to tailor and deepen your knowledge of ISO 15118

Beginner / Intermediate
7 hours

The ISO 15118 Basic Training

With this course you’ll delve into the ins and outs of ISO 15118 to fully adapt it to your specific product needs. This course is for anyone who wants to quickly get started with ISO 15118 and learn the basics.

What’s covered?

  • Intro to the e-mobility ecosystem
  • Overview of the Combined Charging System (CCS) and the new Megawatt Charging System (MCS)
  • IEC 61851 Pulse Width Modulation as the basis for ISO 15118
  • SLAC - The solution to crosstalk in powerline communication
  • SECC Discovery Protocol (SDP) for exchanging IP address and setting the security level (TLS / no-TLS)
  • Supported App Protocol (SAP) for agreeing on a mutually supported communication protocol
  • Introduction to the family of ISO 15118 standards
  • AC & DC charging message sequence (ISO 15118-2)
  • Influencing the EV’s charging profile with power schedules (PMaxSchedule) and cost incentives (SalesTariff)
  • What's new in ISO 15118-20
  • Worldwide market support of ISO 15118
  • Important events, forums, and available open-source software
Intermediate / Expert
7 hours

The ISO 15118 Advanced Training

This course is for anyone who wants to better understand the ins and outs of Plug and Charge, including the underlying cryptography.

What’s covered?

  • Cryptographic foundations of ISO 15118
  • Digital certificates
  • ISO 15118 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) handshake between electric vehicle and charging station
  • Installing a contract certificate for Plug & Charge
  • Authorising the electric vehicle for a charging session using the contract certificate
  • Data-security related changes in ISO 15118-20 (certificates, PKI, cipher suites)
  • VDE Application guide VDE-AR-E 2802-100-1 (specifies the interaction of all relevant market roles in the Plug & Charge ecosystem)
Upcoming sessions

Switch’s CharIN training sessions take place several times throughout the year. Look out for the training sessions with the same title as these:

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As we were intensively implementing and testing
ISO 15118, we noticed there was a lack of overview of Plug & Charge and the whole supply chain amongst
our stakeholders.

Our training with Marc helped us achieve a much better understanding of the whole ecosystem. It led to constructive discussions on the requirements and concept of ISO 15118 in general.

Angelika Neuleitner,

charging system Specialist at Ionity

Working with recognized standards is the right way forward for the integration of electric vehicles into the grid, and we value Switch’s strong experience with the ISO 15118 standard.

We were able to leverage Marc’s insights to corner some of the keys issues pertinent to V2G in the published standard that needed to be addressed.

Hamza Lemsaddek,

Director embedded solutions at Nuvve Corporation

Attending Switch’s intensive two day training with the team gave us a deep dive into ISO 15118 and the different use cases.

We were able to validate our design with regards to the ecosystem and beyond. We now have a head start for the development of our next generation chargers and are able to support our customers for the deployment of the equipment all over Europe.

Johan Devos,

business development Manager at ENOvates

Certificate handling in ISO 15118 is a quite complex issue. Marc’s well prepared one-day course on this topic and his deep knowledge helped us to train our team and speed up the development of the ISO 15118 Plug & Charge
charging controller.

Johannes Bergmann,

eMobility Charging Systems DEVELOPER at SIEMENS AG

When I was working with students on ISO 15118 projects, Marc's courses tremendously helped in getting students to understand the standard quickly and dive into coding without hesitation. Marc's crystal-clear explanations with eye-catching graphics will make you an EV charging expert in one week.

Minho Shin,

Professor at Myongji University

In two exciting training days, Marc quickly and effectively explained ISO15118 communication to our experienced development team. In addition to the in-depth technical knowledge, the information about the communication standards that are still being established is very valuable. The training will definitely help us to make the implementation more effective.

Reinhard Starzinger,

Project Manager Electric Mobility AT Keba AG

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